What to expect at a session with Katy

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Your session

Your session will be quite a relaxed event. Katy aims to capture the natural connections that exist between your loved ones/ family. She will provided some guidance to you, but candid moments between parents, children, siblings, and couples can create memories that you will love looking at in years to come.

Sessions run for around one hour (yours may be a little shorter or longer depending on a variety of factors, but that will not affect the number and quality of your final images).

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Katy loves capturing the details of each everyone participating in the session. You can expect her to take group photos of everyone all together (although these won't all be in traditional poses). As well as smaller groupings, such as all the siblings, or Mum with kids, dad with kids, just the parents and anywhere where connection shows. She will also include individual portraits of each person whenever possible. You will receive a minimum of 25 fully edited images within three weeks of your session. (These will be provided by a link to download full resolution digital files).

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Outdoor session

These sessions are a popular choice for beautiful, fun-filled family or couple photographs. Outdoor sessions can take place in reserves, parks, or beaches. Places where there is freedom for your family to move around, play, and explore while Katy captures the beautiful connections that happen between you all. For best results outdoor sessions are scheduled about 90 minutes before sunset. Katy is able to suggest locations, but she is also happy to hear where you would like your session to take place.

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In-home session

An in-home session results in relaxed, connected photographs in what is the central place for you and your family - your home. In-home sessions record not only you and your family as you are now, but also parts of where you spend a lot of your time. (Don't worry about mess or clutter - Katy has been making photos of her own four children in their small, cluttered house for years and has developed ways to make beautiful images around this. So where you see mess, she might see art waiting to be made). Because in-home sessions occur mainly indoors they can be scheduled for anytime throughout the day.

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What to wear

Don't we all worry about this when we're about to get photos taken? There are a few simple tips that will help your photographs be as beautiful and timeless as they can be. Firstly, wear what makes you feel beautiful! It is also important that you aren't uncomfortable in what you are wearing - you don't want to be readjusting your clothes the whole session.

Clothes with texture, flow, and movement come across wonderfully in photographs. All the people in the shoot should coordinate, but not overly match. Also don't be afraid of a touch of some bright colours - especially if that is part of your usual style.

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What not to wear

There are a few things to consider when choosing what to wear that don't photograph as well.

-Graphic images/pictures on clothes.

-Neon colours.

-Very thin pin stripes.

-Everyone in identical clothes.

If you find you need help, suggestions or reassurance about clothing choices in the lead up to your session, feel free to reach out to Katy.