When She is as Inspired as I am (A creative child portrait session in North Brisbane)


Grandma brought her a new dress. It’s blue and yellow, with pictures of rolling hills and puffy white clouds and she calls it her ‘Farm Dress’. It spins and twirls beautifully, and she loves it. She asked if we could do photos of her in her new favourite dress - of course I said yes!

It was also my wedding anniversary, and my wonderful husband had brought me some of my favourite flowers - Sunflowers! She noticed how well the flowers matched her dress, so we decided to take one of them along with us. It looked so big next to her small frame, and she was right, it went perfectly with her dress.

We headed over to one of my favourite parks in the Moreton Bay Council area (the afternoon light is just stunning) in Lawnton and had a wander around. It was so lovely walking and chatting. She helped me look for areas with good light, or nice backgrounds.

She talks all the time about wanting to be an artist when she grows up, so when it was just the two of us exploring and pausing to make photographs, she was full of questions about what I was doing. She was also super patient with me while I tried some more creative techniques, but best of all, she was full of her own creative ideas for me to try. (It was her idea to make some in camera double exposures!)

After we had finished our stroll, she asked if she could have a play on the playground on our way back to the car. Such a great way to finish our special afternoon together. (Now I'm looking for excuses to have some similar outings, one on one, with each of the other kids)