Need Some Help with What to Wear to Your Photography Session?

Katy Bindels Brisbane Portrait Photographer What to Wear

Bring Your own Style 

Wear what looks good on you. What makes you feel like you look a million dollars? That's what you want to wear! 

Dress for the Investment It is 

A photography session is a big investment for most people. You've taken the time to find the right photographer for you, picked out your location, prepared your family to participate (hopefully happily) in the session, and, of course, paid - you don't want to waste all of that by not dressing to suit the occasion. 

Some Clothes Just Don't Work Well (i.e. what not to wear) 

  • Imaged T-shirts. Logos and pictures on t-shirts and any other clothes draw focus and attention away from the people in the photographs. They can also make your photographs look very dated very quickly.

  • Thin stripes (especially if they are close together). Cameras just don't like them and they can cause, sometimes quite major, defects in your final photographs.

  • Very bright, fluro like colours. Again, they just don't photograph well.


Your family's outfits need to coordinate together - but you don't want to match. Look for complimentary colours. Using a colour (or two) from one outfit as an accent on some of the other outfits works really well as well.

Check with Your Photographer 

If you have any questions or concerns about what you should wear to your photography session, reach out to your photographer! Your photographer wants to make the best pictures of you, and what you're wearing can help/hinder with this, so they should be more than happy to help with outfit choices. Many photographers also have preferences on the type of clothing that is worn at their sessions. Sometimes it's certain colours and tones, for me it's dresses for women and girls (purely because of the movement they add to images). 


Take a look here for more information about a family photography session with Katy Bindels Photography, or here for pricing, booking information and available dates. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or queries.