Some Reasons Why You Need Professional Family Photos

Katy Bindels North Brisbane Family Photography

They grow up so fast! 

They really do, don't they! I'm a mum of four and it seems like they've all gone from tiny, squishy little babies dependent on me for everything, to these small sized people who can do so much on their own, in, what feels like, next to no time at all! Their rapid rate of change is why l started learning photography to begin with!

Having beautiful photographs of their chubby cheeks, their little hands, their gappy, toothless grins, their gangly teenage limbs, and all those other wonderful stages that they grow through will be something you (and, in time, they) will love looking back at. 

Not only do our kids keep changing, so do we! Just at a less obvious rate than they do! l love looking at pictures of my parents when l was a kid - it's somehow how l remember them best, and takes me back to my childhood and makes me feel younger again. Our loved ones deserve pictures of us through all the stages of our lives. Which brings me to the next reason. 

Everyone is in the photo! 

Every family seems to have a designated family photographer - sometimes Dad, quite often Mum - who is always behind the camera making sure that there are photos of everyone else. (It probably won't surprise you to hear that it's me in my family). The only problem with this is that the end result is little to no photos of that person. A family session with a professional photographer fixes this problem. l know many of us don't like seeing photos of ourselves but our families love us and want to have pictures of us to look back on. Professional photographs are also more flattering than a phone selfie or snapshot. 

Sadly, We don't get to be here forever 

It is a sad fact of life that, although we will always be in their hearts, we don't get to physically stay with our family forever. Just yesterday my husband was talking to our kids about his much loved Granddad who sadly passed away when my husband was a chld. One of the comments he made was that he wishes he had more than the two photos that he has of his Granddad. Photos are such a great way to look back on times with loved ones and to feel close to the people in them who are sadly no longer physically with us. 

An Investment in Quality 

I'm sure that you all have hundreds and hundreds of phone pictures and snapshots of your kids and family (I most definitely do!) How many of those would you like printed out big and hung on your lounge room walls? Or on the walls of your grown children's homes in the times to come for your future grandchildren to look at? Professional photographs give you quality, in focus, correctly coloured, beautifully composed portraits of your family that you will be more than happy to display. On that point, does anything make your house feel more like your home than wonderful pictures of your family on the wall? 

A Great way to Celebrate and Record Milestones 

A wedding, pregnancy, or new baby are all obviously milestones that are fantastic to celebrate with professional photographs, but there are so many other milestones that happen in families that can be great reasons to get the family together for a session with a professional photographer. A new pet, a new house, starting school (or high school), finishing school, starting to walk, loosing first baby teeth, wedding anniversaries, grandparent's visiting, l really could keep on going! And sometimes you don't really need a reason more than just capturing memories of how you all are altogether in this point of your lives.