What to Expect at your Family Session

Katy Bindels Brisbane Family photographer black_and_white_family_portrait_Lawnton_park.jpg

The thought of standing in front of a camera can be really nerve racking for a lot of people. l know - I'm one of them! l want my family sessions to be as fun and as relaxing as possible for everyone involved.

Your session will last between 60 and 90 minutes, and a big reason for this is so that we can get to know each other a little as the session begins and we can ease into making some beautiful photographs. 

If we're on location then we'll take a bit of a stroll and a chat. l might rush forward or drop back every now and then to take advantage of the natural interaction happening between your family members while we're moving around. 

When l see potential for making some wonderful photographs of your family then l may stop you and give you some simple directions. l try to keep directions easy, simple, and fun. Things like give Mum a hug, tickle Dad, play ring a ring a rosy , are some directions that I've used successfully in previous family sessions. 

During your family session l want to make sure that l not only get beautiful photographs of your family all together, but also to get portraits of each of the family members by themselves (including Mum and Dad), as well as all combinations of the family (siblings together, each child with each parent, the parents together and any other combination possible). This means that at different times during the session I'll focus on different family members. Sometimes it happens very naturally (like a younger child going to Mum to be picked up), and other times l will use some easy prompts to get the groupings and connections needed. 

Kids - so many parents worry about their children misbehaving during the session. (l know l would with my kids). If kids are just being kids then I'm completely used to it, and, in fact, it can make for some wonderful, memorable photos. I first picked up a camera to photography my own kids, so you could say that my photography 'apprenticeship' has been served photographing kids

Also, don't worry about needing to prompt the kids to look and smile at the camera. Through my years of photographing children I have learnt various ways to get beautiful natural expressions from children that work a lot better than asking them to smile. 

A family photography session doesn't need to be painful. It really can be lots of fun - walking, playing, and just generally being with your family while l snap away around you and every now and then give you something new and fun to do. To top it all of you get 25+ photographs of your family afterwards.