Details and Connection - Why I offer an all inclusive digital package

Katy Bindels Brisbane family Photographer details_mums_hands_daughters_hair.jpg

Families, like the individuals that make them up, are unique. There will be similarities between one family and the next, but there will also be a lot of differences. This is what makes family portrait photography such fun, and so rewarding.

Because of these similarities and differences I like to focus on the details and the connections when I'm photographing people. I make a point to make individual portraits of all the people at a session (so Mums and Dads don't come expecting the camera to always be pointing in the direction of the kids - you deserve to have wonderful pictures taken of you too - and you'll children will thank you for it one day!). 

I also aim to capture the differing relationships between the family members throughout the session. The family all together, siblings together, dad with the kids together, dad with each of the kids and then the same for mum. I also think capturing Mum and Dad together as a couple, without the kids in the picture, is so very important. 

Details are also a big focus in my portrait photography. Details can show us the connection between people, can give insight into relationships and individuals, and, when we look back in years to come, can bring back strong memories and emotions. Like how it felt to be in Dad's arms, or the smell of mum's hair as you twirled it in your fingers while she held you up in her arms. These details and memories are a part of why photographs of your family matter. 

Realising all of this when I decided to start offering portrait and family sessions I decided that the only way I could do so is to offer and all inclusive digital package. This means that there is no choosing which images you are going to leave behind and never see again - when you have a photography session with Katy Bindels you get all of the images that meet my artistic and quality standards, fully edited, in a private online gallery ready for you to download in high resolution. If you have favourites that you would then like to print out, then I can help organise that as well (this is additional to the digital package). 

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