The Power of Photographs

Katy Bindels Brisbane Portrait Photographer girl-in-communion-veil.jpg

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love photography. It's not just the process of photography (that's a post for another day), but also the end results - the photos themselves. 

Photographs do so much!

They record events and happenings. They capture moments - both the special, exceptional moments, and also the mundane, everyday ones. They bring history to life. Not just history of 100 years ago, but also history of when the school kid was a toddler and the pre-schooler was a newborn.  

They give us all types of information. Information about objects, places, relationships, feelings, and people. For example, a portrait can give wonderful insight into the subject's personality. While a family portrait can show not only what everyone looked like, but also give some clues to the personalities of each of the family members, and a peak into the relationships and dynamics between everyone in the photo. 

Photographs draw attention. They get people to look , and can support, and even add to, written text. Take a look around and I'm sure that you'll notice what an important role photos take in our society. (This is especially so in this age of social media).

Photos communicate - they convey ideas, keep memories, convey feelings- they tell stories!