Photography Session with a Young Dancer

Portrait of a young dancer on a foot bridge

Like most young girls I dreamed of being a dancer - and I did do dance classes for a few years of my childhood. Saturday mornings, for maybe an hour, down at the local community hall. It was great fun, and I always enjoyed myself, but, as much as I dreamed, I was never really serious about it. Never really passionate.

Late last year I had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful young dancer in the lead up to her end of year concert. She is most definitely passionate about dancing. The commitment and dedication that she displays towards her dancing just completely blows me away! (As does her family's commitment to her pursuing dance). She is at the dance studio more days a week than she isn’t - and that just increases when the competition and exam period starts.

We headed out to a local paddock and reserve where she was able to show me parts of some of her routines for the upcoming concert. I just loved the juxtaposition of the grass and trees to the bright costumes. The elegance and gracefulness of the natural setting, was also, I think, perfect in how it reflected the grace and elegance of the young dancer.

Her Mum was at the ready with some of the concert music to really get us in the mood.  She was also at the ready with the costumes - allowing for a variety of looks to match the different styles of dance. A beautiful blue dress for the lyrical routine, a bright, tight, purple and pink leotard for jazz, and off course, a beautiful tutu over a more subdued, elegant maroon leotard for ballet. At first I was amazed at how quick the costume changes happened - but I shouldn’t have been - countless practices behind stage have made changing a fine tuned process for this dancer and her mum!

Being someone who didn’t find their passion until much later in life, (photography in my thirties), and knowing how much my passion fills my soul, and fuels my fire for life, I must admit to being a little jealous of this wonderful girl. That she has found something that does that for her at such a young age is just so precious and admirable. And you can see her passion! She has such joy and confidence when she is dancing - and when she is in those wonderful costumes - and I think that she is probably the same at  her classes, in her practice clothes, as well.

I walked away from this session so inspired, and, honestly, just feeling so lucky. Lucky that I was able to use my passion for photography, and for portrait photography in particular, to photograph this beautiful young dancer. I hope that I managed to capture some of the joy, dedication and passion that she has for dancing, and I hope that she enjoys looking back at these images in years to come.


I run single portrait sessions like this one in a very similar way to my family sessions, with the same pricing, timing and inclusions. Single portrait sessions can involve a passion focus (dance, sport, art for example) or can just be to capture the person as they are now (or a bit of both). They can be for children or for adults. If something like this interests you please feel free to contact me!