Family Photos with Pre-teen Kids

portrait of siblings and mum in North Brisbane

Can I just tell you how much I love photographing pre-teen kids? I’m not sure if I can pinpoint exactly what it is about them, but they’ve been involved in some of my favourite sessions to date. Maybe it’s because they’re in that in-between stage? When they have a mouth full of half grown in teeth, and they’ve lost their chubby baby cheeks, but still have scrapes and bumps on their knees. They listen better than toddlers, but are still happy to share their ideas. They are always up for some fun and games (which, by the way, can make for some wonderful photos), and that makes for a fun session! Generally, they are also not quite at the stage where interacting lovingly with their parents has been become too embarrassing for them (at least not at a family photo shoot, when none of their friends are around!)

Last year I was lucky enough to get to meet this beautiful family of four, including two pre-teen kids, at Bullocky Rest. A beautiful local picnic spot next to Lake Samsonvale in the suburb of Joyner, to the North of Brisbane. We spent the hour or so leading up to sunset wandering around the lake and through the trees, making portraits as we went. They hadn’t had family photos done for a long time and wanted some updated ones for the grandparents (sound familiar anyone?). I love that grandparents prompt us to get photos made of our families! It can be all too easy to overlook having family portraits done without some kind of prompt.

I also feel like we sometimes overlook having photos done when we have pre-teen kids. All parents with kids in this age group know how busy life gets! Parents at work, kids at school, all the after school and weekend activities, sports, clubs and lessons, it can be really hectic! Even so, it is still such an important stage of their life (and your life as their parents). I know that when I think back to childhood, I remember the highlights, and the greatest fun, as happening around that mid-late primary school age. That’s the era of my childhood that I want to have pictures to look back on! I really wish that more families would have photos done, not just for the grandparents, but also for themselves, and for the future.

Having photos to look back on of when your child was still small enough for you to lift, when she was young enough to love picking flowers out of the grass and proudly, lovingly, give them to you, when he wasn’t yet towering over you, and when it was fun for them to challenge their sibling to a race to the tree stump. Before the braces go on, before they get too cool to hug you, or give you a kiss on the cheek in front of other people, that is something special.

If you are interested in having portraits of your own family, please get in touch using one of the buttons below. I’d love to hear from you! (And not only if you have pre-teen kids! I am passionate about making portraits of all people - individuals, couples, families with babies, young kids, teenagers, or even grown kids!)