The Love and Connection in Family


A large reason that I so enjoy photographing families, is the love and connection that family members have or each other. It is such a wonderful experience for me to capture some small demonstrations of these feelings and moments of time for the family to have into the future.

This family session was extra special. The Dad was home for a very brief visit during a long period of working away from home. I was so honoured that they spent some of this special time with me, and so happy that they value photographs of their family so much that they made time to have some family portraits made.

There may have been a little bit more focus on Dad in this session compared to many others, but doesn’t mean that we didn’t look at all of the other family members and relationships between these four beautiful people.


If you would like to create some lasting mementos of the love in your family, please contact me and we can organise to make portraits of your beautiful family. (And remember, it really doesn’t need to be a special occasion to have family photos done, the love is always there! Don’t we all like looking back at how the kids were at all their ages, and don’t older/grown children love looking back at how their parents looked as they were growing up?)